Christmas Nail Ideas You’ve Got To Try

I don’t know about you, but I can’t go without having my nails done. The second I need an infill, or the paint chips off, I’m straight down the nail salon. But, what I’ve found is I have to have my nails painted accordingly to the season. At Christmas, I love a fierce red with gold or silver shimmer. Whatever your preference, below you will find tips to help inspire you in finding your perfect nail look!


When it comes to Christmas, it’s best to have your nails matching to the main colours of the season. If you want to be really festive this winter, a red gloss with a pop of glitter on one nail will help you get into the Christmas spirit. But, if you’re not as daring and are feeling a more subtle vibe, then a simple silver glitter or warm nude will do the job in getting you ready for the Autumn/Winter mood.


If you’re like me and will do anything to show off the fact that you love Christmas, then nail art is the route for you! A simple snowflake or mini Christmas tree, on one or all of your nails, is the way to go when wanting to achieve that festive look! If you want to follow the trends of 2019, then a group of snowflakes on your ring finger of both hands with a bold colour is the perfect layout for creating your desired Winter nails.


When wanting to achieve the perfect Christmas look, gel polish is the way forward! Gel polish creates a classy look without being too dramatic. It’s more subtle and perfect if you’re going for that glowy look this Christmas. With gels, you can create shimmer looks, and the nail art of your choice will pop against your undercoat colour.

My aim this Winter season is to make everyone feel confident and comfortable within themselves. Message me today to discuss getting your nails done, or head to my portfolio to see all my work. At the end of the day, it is Christmas, treat yourself!