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Gel Nails – The Gel Bottle Inc

As well as offering bridal and occasion hair and makeup. I am also a Gel Nail technician, with the accredited ‘The Gel Bottle Inc’. Based in Broxbourne, I am a mobile nail technician and can visit you in the comfort of your own to provide with stunning gel nails on hands and feet that last a minimum of 3 weeks!

The Gel Bottle Inc offers an incredible array of over 360 colours, with new releases every month. All colours are highly pigmented, chip resistant and offer extreme long lasting shine.

They also offer an amazing product called ‘Builder in a Bottle’ which is great for weak, brittle, unhappy nails. It helps them to grow longer and stronger!

Other The Gel Bottle Inc benefits include:

  • cruelty-free and vegan
  • easy soak off in 10-15mins
  • extreme long lasting shine
  • non-yellowing
  • non-shrinking formula
  • HIGHLY pigmented
  • 10 free (free from 10 chemicals usually found in gel products, so a lot better for your nails)
  • lasts 3 weeks minimum
  • guaranteed to leave your nails in a better condition after the gels have been soaked off

New clients will be required to fill out a consultation form prior to their appointment for insurance reasons.