Hedsor House Wedding Showcase

On the 13th September of this year I attended a wedding showcase at Hedsor House. To give you an idea of what exactly that entails; picture a grand house, one of the most beautiful locations surrounded by tonnes of land. A huge pebble walkway leading to a set of large steps and the magnificent doorway. Hedsor House put on this showcase and invite all their recommended suppliers to attend, they also advertise it so that prospective brides and groomsmen come and have a look around in hopes of getting inspired for their special day. So technically, you could walk into Hedsor and book everything you see and that would be your wedding day. But that’s no fun is it?

As I walked up the steps to the entrance there were flowers everywhere, beautiful white lilies, hydrangeas and Peony’s lined the walkway. Some arrangements were small and neat some were tall and exquisite, falling over your heads so you are literally surrounded by them. It was out-standing. I am not even close to be engaged but I know where I will be going for my wedding flowers!

Once I had stepped inside there was a room either side of me decorated beautifully but right in front of me was the money catcher. The room where if you got married there, the ceremony would be held. It was like stepping into a fairy-tale, there were arches to walk under with flowers covering them. Everything was a lovely crème colour, neutrals everywhere and very virginal and classy. The room was set out with chairs either side, all with an individual bow to really add a touch of glamour. As I made my way into the next room it was my favourite room of the house (except for the room I was working in of course!) the wedding cake room! There were tasters coming at you from every direction. Lemon flavoured cakes, pistachio, vanilla. Anything you could dream of in a cake and they had it. I managed to sneak a taster and it was glorious.

I then made my way to the magnificent staircase that swirled around the room, dragging my makeup gear up with me. I got to the top and instantly I was greeted with the sweetest sound. There was a man with a guitar playing the dreamiest songs, perfect for your first dance every single one. I walked down a couple corridors until I was finally at the room to set up the hair and makeup demonstration. This room I was in was stunning, it had the most unique wallpaper on the walls. It had a blush pink theme running throughout the whole room, with beautiful plush sofas and pillows. There a dressing table which was made out of glass/mirror and the entire wall above was one giant mirror. It was amazing!

Once I had taken this remarkable room in I set my stuff down and greeted Frankie and our model for the day. I was there as part of Frankie’s makeup team (hairandmakeupforweddings.co.uk). I started setting out all of Frankie’s kit. Starting with her hair kit and then going onto her makeup kit. The reason we were there that day was to do a hair and makeup demonstration for a bridal look. We were lucky enough to be able to collaborate with a top bridal gown designer Ellie Sanderson. So once we had made up our model she was going to get into one of Ellie’s gorgeous wedding dresses. It was safe to say we were very excited to see the finished outcome!

First thing first was to start on the hair. I started off by sectioning the model’s hair, I then grabbed some mousse and put it from the midlengths to ends of her hair to give it some grip so that the curls will last. Once I’d put the mousse in I sprayed some setting spray (the best setting spray may I add) to the section of hair also. Then I grabbed the curling wand and took a section of hair 3 fingers wide and wrapped it round the wand always working towards the middle of the head for the most flattering style of curls. You have to make sure you wrap the hair round not leaving any gaps and keeping the wand horizontal to the head. You hold the hair on the wand for 7-10 seconds or until the hair falls off the wand itself. Once the hair falls off you should have a beautiful curl, however you are not done yet. For a nice soft style, you don’t want ringlet curls, you want a nice structured curl that hangs attractively, so you have to grab the curl with your forefinger and thumb creating a gap between the root and midlength. Then spray with some hairspray and you are good to go. You carry on like that, making sure that the curls are always towards the middle of the head for a more flattering style. Once the whole head is curled I sprayed with hairspray, believe me, it took a while! Once all the hair was curled it was then time to put her hair up into a style. Frankie decided a nice relaxed updo would look best to show to our prospective clients what we can do! Boho chic is very ‘in’ at the moment So, with that in mind we just grabbed bits of the hair, and scrunched them up putting grips in as we went. It is a surprisingly easy look to achieve the only catch is making sure it’s as secure as it can be without it looking to tight and groomed. We want it to look like a nice and loose. Once we had got the desired affect Frankie had bought along a few accessories to add into the hair to really add that wow factor. We decided on what was actually originally a necklace with beautiful bold beading in an ivory/burnt orange colour. It was beautiful and did just the trick. So that’s the hair done. Onto the makeup now!

During the demonstration a lot of prospective brides and their families were walking through to have a look around so we made sure to grab each one and have a chat with them. We’d ask questions like when their wedding was and how many bridesmaids they were having and make sure they wrote their details down to get an email from Frankie so we could hopefully book them!

When you book a wedding at Hedsor House as a bride you could 3 rooms to enjoy your day in. A room to relax in which leads onto the bridal dressing room. That leads onto a huge en suite with 2 double (!!) showers and then the bridal suite. It is like something I’ve never seen before, its extraordinary. Frankie and I were based in what I guess you would call the sitting room and next to us in the bridal suite was the amazing dress designer Ellie Sanderson (https://elliesanderson.co.uk) as you walked in there were just the most stunning wedding dresses from floor to ceiling. Delicate ones, full-sized ones, dresses with intricate beading, dresses that were plainer. Some that were stark white, some in ivory. They were phenomenal.

We then started our model’s makeup. We started by applying moisturiser to hydrate the skin so that application is nicer and then a primer to ensure that the makeup lasts. We then mixed a couple foundations to get the perfect shade for our model’s skin tone. Once the foundation was applied  we applied a bit of concealer to hide dark circles and any blemishes, when applying makeup for your wedding day it’s important to go a bit heavier than usual as firstly you want the makeup to last all day, and secondly because more often than not you will have a photographer and it will look better in the pictures. Once the base was done it was time to set under the eyes with a bit of powder, the middle of the forehead and the smile lines. It’s important not to put too much powder on. Frankie’s style of makeup that brides choose for her team to do the makeup on their wedding day is very subtle, dewy and natural. Where skin looks like skin, you look like the best version of yourself without looking like someone else. So, for that to really show through we avoid using a lot of powder otherwise that mattifies the base and can look too much like makeup. Next to do was some bronzing and contouring. It is always important to bronze your bride up so they have a healthy glow. It’s also important to apply a bit of blusher to the cheekbones in order to give your bride some colour and of course a touch of highlighter but not too much! We don’t want our bride lighting up like a lightbulb once the flash hits her! A natural flush is very flattering. We then did a very subtle brown smokey eye. We didn’t want to go too heavy on the eyes for our model but we wanted to show them off, so we used a very subtle brown in the crease with a shimmer over the lid to accentuate the eyes. We then use a brown pencil in the water line to give that little bit more definition. We also went under the eye with the brown colour lightly, so that the eyes didn’t look top heavy and they all looked like they were connected. We then added mascara to the top and a little to the bottom lashes and then we also applied a few individual eyelashes to the outer corners of the eyes to really add a little flare to the look. Lastly the lips. It’s always interesting when you get a new bride to what colour lip they will go for. Some like to play is safe and go for a lovely nude that compliments to the look and some like to go a bit out there and pick a beautiful bold colour. With this look however, we went for a lovely pinky nude to compliment the look.

Overall my day was just fabulous, I have never seen such a impressive location in all my life and it was just beautiful from head to toe. Every single occupation you could dream of having was there. I am so lucky to do the job that I do and days like this are just perks that make my job even better. I am so lucky to do what I do and love it too!