Prom – What to think about when booking a hair and makeup artist

One of the most important parts of prom, aside from deciding which dress to wear, is deciding on who to trust with the important job of doing your hair and makeup. There are many things you need to consider when it comes to booking someone in. In this blog, I’m going to walk you through things to consider, not only from a professional’s perspective, but also as a fellow girl! I think it’s always helpful to grab tips and tricks from fellow hair and makeup lovers when we can!

In a digital world!

We live in a world these days where everything is at our finger tips. At the touch of a button we can find anything or anyone we want to, but this isn’t always a good thing. You can type into Instagram “makeup artist” and thousands will flood to your phone, all you have to do is click on one. However, finding the right person that’s going to create your desired look for your prom day, so you feel the best version of yourself, isn’t so simple. You need to do a lot of research and this is what many people don’t realise. They panic and think everyone is going to get booked up, and because they want to ensure they get someone, they pick someone random and book them in before they’ve properly thought everything through. My top tip is DO YOUR RESEARCH and BE CONFIDENT with your decision, because chances are once you are booked, you will have to pay a deposit and there is no going back (unless you are okay about losing out the money!). Here are some of my top tips:

1.Find someone who can do both hair and makeup

I cannot stress to you how this will make your life so much easier!

Having a makeup artist that can come to you and be able to do both hair and makeup in one go is a life saver. It may mean you are having to pay a little extra for their travel, but on the day you will be grateful… trust me! I personally couldn’t think of anything worse than running around on the day of my prom having to go here, there, and everywhere to get myself looking glam. Talk about stressful!

It is so much more relaxing to have it all done in one place, and let them come to you in the comfort of your own home! Not only is it easier, but it also adds that little bit more excitement to your day. You feel like a movie star, receiving 5 star pampering treatment! You will also find that if you can find someone to do both, more often than not they will be able to offer you a deal. For example, I charge £45 for prom makeup (£50 with lashes) and £60 for prom hair, however if someone books in both hair and makeup with me I do them a deal of £80 for both, so you are saving money. And who doesn’t love a bargain! Am I right ladies?! Especially as prom can be an expensive time, the cost of your dress, shoes, accessories and travel, all add up.


2. Price – is it worth what you’re paying?

As I just mentioned, prom prep can be expensive. Chances are you’ll have very little money to spare, so you want to find someone that won’t break the bank, but still does a decent job!

A lot of makeup artists these days charge through the roof prices, because they know they can. With prom season being super busy they ram up the prices as they know girls are willing pay to anything to look glam on this special day. And sometimes, their finished product doesn’t reflect what you’ve paid for.

Make sure you are getting a good deal, I spoke earlier about how finding someone that can do both hair and makeup in one go will discount the price you are paying, however even if you are looking for just hair or just makeup, still check what the prices are. Have a look around and see what other people are charging. In this day and age, everyone and their dog have an Instagram page, so do some stalking and check that their style of makeup is similar to yours. When I say that, I mean in reference to the coverage, the amount of makeup they’re applying and their style of makeup. That way you can eliminate the chance of being disappointed when you’ve had your trial and it wasn’t what you wanted. You want to feel like yourself but better.

3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself

What I mean by this, is make sure you know what you are getting for your money, and that when your makeup artist turns up on the day of your prom you know exactly the outcome.

Make sure to always book a trial, that way you can do a test run of how everything will look, and can check you are happy with it. You can check how well the hair and makeup wear throughout the day. It’s also just really exciting to be able to see what you’re going to look like and it also takes the pressure off. My advice would be to send your hair and makeup artist some pictures and inspiration of ideas of what you’d like.

Even if you don’t really know, do some research on Pinterest and if there are any pictures that you like the look of, screenshot them and send them to him/her. Check out my Pinterest page if you are struggling, as I have plenty of boards of inspiration – @isabellameek98. That way your makeup artist has a better idea of what he/she is walking into and also you can check that they are going to be able to deliver what you want. There would be nothing worse than you having your heart set on having your hair and makeup in a particular way, and then when it comes down to it the makeup artist isn’t able to deliver. Imagine that! It would be heart breaking.

So always be on the safe side, I love it when my clients send me pictures. That way I know I will be as prepared as I can be and it also makes me feel better and not just my client!

3. Products/special requests

More often than not, everyone is a little bit picky about certain things when it comes to doing their makeup. For example, some people might like to always wear winged linger, or some people might like a certain brand of foundation because they know it suits their skin. Don’t be afraid to mention these things to your makeup artist! At the end of the day you are paying to get exactly what you desire. For instance, I have a client booked in that is vegan and only uses vegan/cruelty free products, and has therefore requested that I accommodate that. Which is perfectly fine!

It was so helpful that she emailed me prior to her trial to let me know, so that I can ensure I have only cruelty free products in my kit. If you feel more comfortable having your makeup artist use your own base or a certain product of yours you can ask them that too, however most will decline and tell you they will buy the product. That is what I would do as you are paying for a service, after all you don’t go to a pub and bring your own drink do you!

So, if you have any special requests or allergies, make sure your makeup artist is aware prior to the trial or day of your prom. That way you can avoid any problems and have a happy, relaxed day!

*I am now taking bookings for prom, please contact me through my website to enquire*