Skin Care Routine – and why it’s important

A skin care routine is incredibly important. Without it we wouldn’t be able to get the results we desire when using makeup!

Your skin is the foundation of your makeup look. If you don’t have a good foundation, how do you expect to build a solid strong look? You should have a morning and evening routine. You should take care of it like you take care of your body, that means feeding it and washing it accordingly.

Different climates can affect your skin is different ways, for example, if it is extremely hot then you sweat more and mostly likely produce more oil. The heat also means your pores open up which means that all the dirt and sweat on your skin can seep into your pores and create blockages also known as spots. And no one wants spots. So, in order to prevent this, you need to take care of your skin and listen to what it needs.

I keep my own routine very simple as I have very sensitive skin, and I’ve found that over the years the less I do the better my skin is. I don’t like to affect the balance too much. One thing I do a lot of is moisturise.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Morning skin care routine

You can never hydrate your skin too much, remember that!

In the morning once I’ve woken up, I jump in the shower and run my face under the hot water to open up all my pores. I then grab my new L’oreal Pure Clay Foam Glow Scrub, I squeeze a pea sized amount and massage it onto a wet face. I make sure to target the areas that I find most problematic. For me it is my nose and chin as I have a lot of blackheads form there. I make sure to apply a bit more pressure when massaging the scrub into those areas.

This scrub is a combination of 3 pure clays with Red Algae extract. It’s for brighter, smoother, fresher skin every day.  Once you mix with a tiny amount of water and start rubbing it into your face it forms a light foam, with little micro beads to exfoliate dead skin cells away, for a brighter smoother look once used. Now I know a lot of face scrubs claim the same thing, but I can honestly say since I’ve started using this scrub I have definitely noticed a difference. My face is what it says on the bottle – glowing. I’ve had many compliments on my skin recently since I started my new skincare routine, which is always nice! Now I have to be very careful with my skin as as I previously stated it’s very sensitive, so I have to be careful on my cheeks when using this scrub that I don’t massage it too hard, as I have gone overboard before in a rush and I’ve come out the shower straight to work looking like I’d gone for a heavy jog in the freezing cold. My cheeks and even my forehead were bright red for most of my shift, much to my co-workers entertainment. It wasn’t a good look. But like I said, that’s just because my skin is sensitive and I did go a bit crazy that morning!

So that’s my shower done, now onto more important things!

Once I get out I make sure to splash cold water over my face to close up all my pores. If you leave your pores open that’s how dirt can get in throughout the day and cause blemishes. I then make sure to hydrate my skin and put some moisturiser on. My face feels awfully tight if I don’t do so. When I was younger I once read an article about how when you moisturise you should really rub it into your problem areas or where you have spots as it helps reduce them and is actually better for them. One thing people always get wrong is they think adding moisturiser will make their skin oilier and cause more blemishes. WRONG. Moisturiser is your best friend when it comes to problematic skin. I use Doublebase moisturiser, I love it as it’s so hydrating and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tacky. So that is my morning routine, not much to it, but sometimes simple is effective.

Evening skin care routine

When it comes to the evening, I again have a very simple skin care routine. Once I’ve brushed my teeth I wash my face with freezing cold water. If I am taking my makeup off, generally I use a ‘magic cloth’ to remove makeup.

I run it under hot water and then wipe all over my face, I find it the most effective thing for taking off makeup, especially mascara. We’ve all been standing at the bathroom mirror for what feels like hours rubbing our eyes until it feels like we don’t have eyelashes anymore with some cleanser on a cotton pad. Well not me, oh no, this magic cloth gets it off in seconds. I then do the once over on my face for good measure and I’m done with taking my makeup off! Once again because I’ve used a hot cloth on my face my pores will have opened slightly so I splash my face with cold water to ensure they are all closed before I put anything on my face. The last thing we want is deliver dirt right into your pores! So once my face is nice and clean I dry my face by patting it with a towel, I never rub my face with my towel because of the sensitive skin issue.

The beauty of Bio Oil

I then grab my Bio Oil. Now this is one of my Holy Grails. I would recommend this to anyone, whether you have dry skin, oily skin, all different skin types! Now I know what some of you may be thinking, oil on your face? Definitely not. Well scrap that way of thinking ASAP. The benefits of Bio Oil are endless; it can be used to combat scars, ageing skin, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin and stretch marks. As a teenager I suffered badly with my skin, so much so I had to go on The Pill for it, I also used to pick at my spots a lot which resulted in me being covered in little scars all over my chin and around my mouth. If you use Bio Oil twice a day for a minimum of 3 months the scars will start to disappear, 4 years on and my scars are nowhere to be seen. Obviously, the scars I accumulated from my spots were very small ones, if you had a larger deeper scars Bio Oil can never remove them but can drastically improve the appearance of them.

I still use Bio Oil for the many other benefits. For myself, it’s mainly to even out my skin tone and rehydrate my skin. Especially in these winter months I have noticed my skin is taking a beating. I’m finding that I am having to up my moisturising game just to keep my skin happy! Bio Oil plays a huge part in this, I apply it every night and go to sleep to let it sink in. As the formula is non-greasy and super light, it never transfers onto your pillow sheets. It’s a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. The breakthrough ingredient, PureCellin OilTM, changes the overall consistency making is super light and non-greasy, and that the vitamins and extracts can be easily absorbed into your skin.

As I previously said, one of the main reasons I use BioOil is to even my skin tone. An uneven skin tone is the result of an inconsistency of melanin produced by the body. This can be triggered by all sorts of things. An external reason can be as simple as excessive exposure to sun or internal triggers such as hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy or menopause, to the use of an oral contraceptive. That why ladies if you going through any of these things or are currently on The Pill, it’s even more essential you add this into your skincare routine right away!

Now this benefit is for the more mature ladies with ageing skin. It gets to all of us at one point, but I know just how important it is to make yourself feel as good as possible. The amount of times I’ve heard my mum moaning at her ‘wrinkles’ and I look at her and I think wrinkle or not she’s beautiful (she hardly has any may I add). I am a firm believer in ageing gracefully, but I also think that doesn’t mean you give up at the first sign of a wrinkle! One of the main causes for ageing is the weakening of the collagen and elastin support system in the skin. Bio Oil has many ingredients that helps this problem outright. The ingredients help to plasticise the skin making it look smoother, softer and more supple. Doesn’t that sound like something you want to get on board with!? It also moisturises, which helps improve the tone and appearance of fine lines. Are you starting to believe me when I say MOISTURISING IS IMPORTANT!?

So there you have it. My (very) simple day to day skincare routine. I do have a few masks I like to use 2-3 times a week especially in the winter months to get my skin looking its best, but as far as my every day goes, its just the L’Oréal Glow scrub, cold water and Bio Oil.

I feel like when people hear the phrase skin care routine they can almost sigh, I mean who has the time to do god knows what in the morning and evening? Well I’m totally with you there, but the beauty of this routine is it can be adapted into your normal morning and evening routines, no extra fuss needed. Everyone needs a skin care routine, I’m adamant about that, whether you wear makeup or not. But it can be as simple or as complex as you like. It’s all about finding out what works for you.